BrainPOP GAMEUP Educational Games

Maximum Points: 1,600
PRIZE NOTIFICATION! On Wednesday, Dec 12 at 4pm, the BrainPOP module quiz will open.  BrainPOP has donated 25 one-year subscriptions to PLUS Tech.  The first 25 certified librarians who score a perfect 100% on the module will win these subscriptions for their schools.  Entry submissions are time-stamped to indicate the winners.  Winning schools will be posted at this website.  Of course, everyone who plays will learn about the great educational game portal GameUP and will continue to score points for the overall game.  See the list of winning schools.
Summary: Brain Pop is a website that offers, in addition to other features, educational games in English, Science, Math, Social Studies, Health, Arts & Music, Engineering & Technology, ESL, and a K-3 focus.
Alignment to CCSS: College and Career Readiness RLA Anchor and Standards/Literacy in History/Social Science, Science, and Technical Subjects: R1, R2, R4, R7, W8, SL2
REACH Alignment: Domains 1 and 3
Supports for a Personalized Library: As educational gaming hits the mainstream, it has received recognition for its ability to heavily engage students while helping them learn more deeply.  Not to be confused with games for entertainment, newer educational games are aligned to standards and often require problem-solving and collaboration.  Educational games, by their nature, support personalization because they often involve levels of achievement and multiple pathways to success.  The library is a natural location to provide access to educational games, as part of a larger unit of instruction and as stand-alone enrichment activities.  Click here, here, here, and here to read some additional information about the value of educational gaming.
Activity in CPS University for CPDU Credit: Regular CPS teachers should enroll in CPS University to attain CPDU credit for completing this course. Charter school librarians should click here to request your CPDU credit after completing your challenge activity quiz. One (1) CPDU credit will be available for those who complete the module quiz with 70% or better.
Screencast: Click here to watch the training video.
Challenge Activity: After viewing the screencast and practicing the skills, click here to take your module quiz.  [Quiz link will be live on Wed, Dec 12 at 4pm. Refresh page at that time to see the live link.]
Support PDF: Click here if you would like to learn these skills from a handout instead.
Bonus Challenge: Although it is not part of the PLUS Tech game, play additional GameUp games to be aware of the full range of curriculum-based games available to your students.