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AudioBoo is a website that allows users to create short podcasts that can be shared with others.

Podcasting can provide information to students across a wide range of standards.  Highlighted anchor standards in regard to students receiving information from teachers in podcast form include R7, SL2, and SL5.

Teachers can share podcasts via their class websites, blogs, or wikis to provide audio directions or quizzes for students, to share poetry and short stories, to provide a "Fact for the Day" in various subject areas, as book trailers, to provide math challenges, to share event announcements, to overview homework, to share interviews with subject experts, or many other applications. [Note: Do not guide students to create their own accounts. However, Audioboo can be used by students anonymously.]

  1. Go to  Read the Terms of Service.  Create an account.  Update your account to your desired settings.
  2. Watch the short video introduction.
  3. Click on the "Let us show you around" link to learn more.
  4. Begin creating podcasts to support your instructional needs.  Add links or embed your podcasts into your class website, blog, or wiki.  Include an RSS feed of your latest podcasts, so others can regularly receive your new content.  Use the Audioboo app on your iPad.

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