Our Work
Since the spring of 2012, the CPSC has been collaborating with the Chignecto Central Regional School Board (CCRSB) in three areas: first, in helping them achieve a desired policy shift towards more SEL and school climate enhancement in their code of conduct; second, in designing a survey of SEL, bullying and school climate; last, in collaborating on anti-bullying material.

Finally, the CPSC Atlantic Hub has been investigating the links between cyberbullying and suicide as presented in mass media. Additionally, the role of anonymity has been analyzed by comparing nominal sites like Facebook with anonymous sites like Formspring.

The Atlantic Hub has previously worked on the following projects:
  • Environmental scan of SEL programs in Nova Scotia schools
    • This survey was developed and administered to 130 schools in 6 school boards.
  • Circles of Support project
    • A social skills intervention tested in an elementary school.
  • Peaceful Schools Evaluation Project
    • A survey of school principals that captures the degree to which violence prevention programs are being held in their schools.
  • Conducted literature reviews
    • Evaluated studies on school-based violence prevention, mood and sleep disorders in middle and secondary school students.
  • Developed and conducted a resilience survey
    •  Results show an aggregation between resilience and binge drinking / drinking and driving / sexual activity. The findings will be presented at a conference in Toronto.
  • Fourth R presentations and training workshops
    • Conducted workshops in various venues including department of education and local school boards. Training sessions have been held at Chignecto-Central, Annapolis Valley and Cape Breton Regional School Boards.