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Our primary goal is to enhance the educational potential of all students by promoting wellness and facilitating the management of health conditions which create barriers to learning.

About the Nursing Department
Caddo has had School Nurses since the late 70's. Originally there were 16 Registered Nurses to cover all the schools in the parish. Today there are 15 General School Nurses who are assigned a cluster of schools (3-5 schools). There are 6 Special Education nurses who develop health care plans for special needs students. (4 of which assist pupil appraisal in the preschool evaluation process).  There is 1 vision and hearing technician that helps the general nurses with various screenings. There are also 8 Licensed Practical Nurses assigned either to a specific student or classroom.


24 hr Emergency
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Upcoming Workshops

Please use the Hyperlink below to sign up for any of these classes:

September 7, 2021         8a-3p     Initial Medication Workshop


September 9, 2021         8a-3p     Initial Medication Workshop


September 14, 2021       8a-12p   Diabetes Management Workshop


September 16, 2021       8a-12p    Diabetes Management Workshop


September 21, 2021       8a-12p    Oral Feeding and Diapering Workshop


September 21, 2021       1p-3p      Gastrostomy Tube Feeding Workshop


September 23, 2021       8a-12p    Oral Feeding and Diapering Workshop


September 23, 2021       1p-3p      Gastrostomy Tube Feeding Workshop


September 24, 2021      8a-11p    Lifting & Positioning Workshop




September 28, 2021       8a-12p     Tracheostomy Workshop


September 30, 2021       8a-12p    Catheterization Workshop


Attention School Staff regarding Medication:

    The paper Medication calendar log will no longer be provided.  All medication administration should be entered into JCampus.  You can continue to print the form from JCampus to document medication receiving/pickup or you may use the new Receiving/Pickup form we have provided on the School Staff Resource Page under Medication. 

Reminder for parents:
Medications:  If your child will need medication during the school year, you will need to take the appropriate forms found here along with the medication to the school.  These forms must be updated each school year.  Only oral, pre-measured inhalants and topical diaper rash medicine can be administered by school
 staff.  Medication, as it is applies to school, includes  all 
 prescription and
 over the counter preparations.  All medications need to be picked up at
 the end of the school year or they will be destroyed. 

   Louisiana State law requires that the school have a record of every child's immunizations.(MM-13/92)  Please refer to the Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals  Immunization Schedule to see what is required.   Shots for Tots Schedule