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Who are we?
Formerly know as Cardiovascular Prevention & Rehabilitation Western Australia (CPRwa), Cardiovascular Care WA was launched at Hollywood Private Hospital in 1999. It was launched as the first, and continues to remain the only multidisciplinary cardiovascular prevention and rehabilitation service in a private hospital in Western Australia.  We are now offering specialised services across the metropolitan area.
What do we do?
The multidisciplinary team at Cardiovascular Care WA  provides services aimed at meeting the unique needs of each and every patient.
This includes:
  • Prevent or slow the progresssion of cardiovascular disease
  • Improve your knowledge and understanding of your medical condition
  • Help you manage your health and symptoms (reduce your worry) 
  • Increase your physical fitness and mobility (look after joints and muscles)
  • Develop healthy lifestyle practices (diet, weight loss, diabetes control, reduce cholesterol and blood pressure,  stress/anxiety)
  • Help you understand heart related symptoms, and identify those that are not related to your heart
  • Improve your confidence during physical activity and returning to a full and active life
  • Understand your medications and their role in improving your heart health
What can i do to help my heart health?
Did you know most of the things which contribute to the pogression of cardiovascular disease are preventable or able to be modified. These are referred to as risk factors and are important to address to reduce or stop the progression on cardiovascular diseases.
Why are prevention and rehabilitation programs important?
Your Cardiologist and GP will help you management some of your risk factors though medications.  It is well recongised the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular disease is also reliant upon you changing common lifestyle and behaviours which are recognised to individually reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and play an important complimentary role along side your  medications.  These include regular exercise and physical activity, modifing diet, and managing stress, anxiety and sleep. 
Every heart condition is different and everyone has different risk factors that need to be understood and addressed.  As a result most people need adice or guidance specific to their heart profile.

Who will benefit from these services?

Given all services are individually tailored, anyone who has had, or is trying to prevent any form of cardiovascular condition will benefit.
This can include individuals with:
  • Risk factors for cardiovascular disease
  • Vascular stenting
  • Coronary Artery Bypass Grafts
  • Atrial Fibrillation
  • Arrthymia including pacemakers and Implantable Cardiac Defibrilators (ICD's)
  • Heart Failure - Retention of fluid / Short of breath
  • Valve disease, repair or replacement
  • Congenital heart disease

Mary Anne V, 50yrs Bateman WA

" The team helped me through the post heart attack (anxiety) period, and I have found the confidence that I NOW have because I learnt so much from the education sessions, the exercise sessions and the many chats that they most generously have with us (the patients), when ever we need some reassurance. I know my situation was complicated by arthritic pains, but I also know that one of the biggest obstacles is confidently getting back to everyday life again. The program is set up perfectly to get us back on track!!! The entire staff are lovely, and so helpful "
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