About the CPP Tutor Club

The CPP Tutor Club exists for the betterment of tutoring services provided at Cal Poly Pomona and for the community.

Specific Goals:

  • Share tutoring skills among campus-wide tutoring organizations.
  • Increase visibility of tutoring programs on campus by establishing links with faculty and tutoring departments and through advertising.
  • Create and maintain service to the community surrounding Cal Poly Pomona via the club’s website wherein tutors post private tutoring ads.
Brief History:

The club originated in 2004 because of one tutor's vision to unite tutors on campus to provide better service to Cal Poly Pomona students as well as to provide tutoring to the community.
Since then, the club has grown in membership and has developed its outreach program to service hundreds of students in the community through its offering of private tutors to parents who call Cal Poly Pomona to receive assistance for their middle- and high-school children.
The club has attended conferences such as ACCTLA in San Francisco and San Diego, and visited other Universities such as UC Berkeley and Stanford to network and to generate new ideas for improving the tutoring provided at Cal Poly Pomona.

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