The Hope House!

The Hope House offers additional services to meet our mission of helping homeless men attain self sufficiency.

A copy of the application for Hope House residency can be downloaded here.

In addition to our homeless shelter, Community Partners of Hope operates Hope House which is a transitional housing unit which offers the next level of assistance to a select group of men who show promise of once again becoming self-sufficient contributors to our community. Once admitted to Hope House, these men will be assigned trained mentors, and will receive the resources, encouragement, and guidance needed for them to one day live in homes of their own. After the first 2 weeks, each man pays a modest "shared expenses" fee to help cover internet, supplies, utilities, etc.

The House Manager is responsible for the property and for maintaining a day to day relationship with the residents including maintaining rules, assigning chores, and handling issues as they arise.

At maximum capacity, Hope House can accommodate 7 residents. There are two large bedrooms with three beds each and a very small room with one bed.

The main floor is a public living area for all to share including kitchen, shower and dressing area, living room, and a general purpose dining / study room with a computer which can be shared by the men.

Each man is responsible for his own meals though the men may choose to prepare and share meals together.