Site Development Notes

Site development notes:

This site is a work in progress.  As new services are developed we will add more pages.

NOTE:   "Get involved!" now shows a way to sign up as a shelter volunteer.   As our scope grows this page may offer choices and redirect the user to different forms for different activities.   "Volunteers" will display a spreadsheet of all volunteers who have signed up -- ONLY AUTHORIZED users will be able to access this spreadsheet.  Volunteers and calendar will be available for users who are familiar with the site so their tabs are at the bottom of the sidebar.    Items we want new users to find easily will be accessed using the tabs across the top.

DONATE:   We need to apply for a Google donate account for donatons to use the donate gadget
                        I have asked Keith to do that (as treasurer)

Consider a new page:   "Our Partners" -- list businesses who donate services, food, meals, etc
       we can put their names and/or logos and/or links to web sites
        could we also have categories like "patrons, sponsors, angels, etc" for certain giving levels?

Videos that we need:

    1.   Current one designed by David Ruggles -- issues:  copyright question about songs, I removed incorrect references
                this is a good general video to hopefully make people more aware of homelessness but not specific enough
    2.    New video more directed at our own ministry   (I think I now have the tools and expertise to do this w/ the marketing group)
                this would show the current location, have brief statements from people about the need and about how we have worked together
                and then some "testimonial" statements from a variety of folks who have done supervision and/or the men served
    3.    Training video -- we might not want to put this on the web and this can definitely be a later effort but we can put much 
                of the training info on camera and be able to share it on a DVD

Use the URL from this picture for the NEWS item for the yard sale.