CP/M-86-Files to MSDOS and vice versa

later you find here a program to transfer files from dos to cpm-86 and vice versa (real disk or diskimage)

BUT: the 3,5 disk must be Freek Heites 1.44 feature style-disk!!!!!!!!!


There are several problems with CP/M-86-Disks under Windows NT,2K and XP:

(same behaviour for all three, Vista is unknown at the moment)

A real 144Feature-Disk is from the NT-Side 160 kb disks. Direct access via int 13h is forbidden and so

NT reads or writes only 160 kb......


Reading such disks as image: temporarly a normal Dos-Boot-Sector is stored and

finally replaced with the orignal bootsector(no program yet available)


my pure data-disk: from Dos-side a normal non-bootable disk with a file that occupies the complete disk. CP/M-86 is inside this file.....image later here because i'm testing my image and make a small write or/and read utilty


Writing an image: freshly formatted with DOS prior use and the image is complete written.

If you take a cp/m-86 disk, NT writes only 160 kb.


...and here a complete other remark: i'll use cp/m-86-images with the BOCHS-Emulator.

Its important that you insert this line in your ??.bxrc:

floppy_bootsig_check: disabled=1


the bootsign also prevents booting on some modern (and my new one) PCs: no solution yet.....

( the 144-feature must rewritten!!)


IMPORTANT: Bochs and VirtualPC crashes while booting real cp/m-86-disks.....


I'll hope someone find this informations helpfull!!!