About Us

CP Lady Wolves Inc.  
Greg Wheeler
Paul McCarty
Scott Pish

CP Lady Wolves Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation formed in 2013.  Our mission is to promote healthy life styles and diabetes awareness through education, community involvement, and the sport of basketball. Our focus is 7th-12th grades.

So what is the big deal and why worry about diabetes in Texas?
  • Here is look at what diabetes in Texas looks like in year in 2025 … this is the outcome our organization is impacting!
  • 52 billion will be cost of diabetes to the Texas economy in year 2025
  • 18% percent of people in Texas that will have diabetes in year 2025
  • 45,100 annual deaths from diabetes in year 2025
  • 5,461,800 number of people with diabetes in year 2025
  • 66% increase the number of people living with diabetes in Texas from 2010 to 2025

This information is derived from Institute for Alternative Futures, Diabetes 2025 Forecasting Model http://www.altfutures.org/diabetes2025/

So how are we helping make a difference in the diabetes forecast in Texas?

Our most recent community outreach event was on Nov 4th at the Cedar Park Public Library where we partnered with area physicians and provided a Certified Diabetes Educator to teach classes to diabetic patients who were unable to afford this training otherwise.  As consistent with our mission we believe that education is the key to improved diabetic outcomes. I am happy to report that we were successful in providing services to a variety of patients consisting of both Cedar Park and Leander residents. 

We are excited to let you know we have recently entered an agreement with a large medical group and the American Diabetes Association to provide additional diabetes education support at our spring events. We are also at the final stages of negotiations with a large pharmacy chain to provide free glucose testing at our up coming events. 

What we are most excited about is our recent identification of currently available technologies to aid us in our mission. We currently have located competitive learning tools that we believe will increase our ability to impact the individuals that participate in our program.  

Contact us at: cpladywolves1@gmail.com