Last Updated: 12/7/2009

  • Windows Programs:

CountDown: With this little application written in VB . NET you can see how many days remain until a specify date. It has got an editable background (main.jpg) in the main directory so you can add what ever you want. You can also set it on top of all other applications and customize it's opacity!  Download Now

      EasyPath(ex. ShortCuts Launcher)-Portable Edition v 1.1.9: The same as Shortcuts Launcher (Lite Edition). Now Supports : Drag And Drop.(Warning this application will only run shortcuts which are saved on the same drive with the executable file)Download Now

      ShortCuts Launcher(Lite Edition): A program written using Visual Basic and adds a small toolbar on the top of your screen and you can add 10 shortcuts to launch. Very helpful if you are using portable applications. Download Now  -  ScreenShot

Sidebar(v1.5.0.3) :A program written using Visual Basic and adds a notebook, a calculator and a shortcut's launcher at the right side of your screen. 

*Support Extended Notepad

*New Setup File

Download Now

TechPro: My first program written in Visual Basic. Techpro consists from 3 smaller programs: The volt, resistor, current and power calculator, the resistor converter from colors to value and the resistor converter from value to colors. Download Now - ScreenShot 01 - ScreenShot 02 - ScreenShot 03

  • Universal Programs:

(NEW)Analog Clock : An Avionics-style clock coded in AS3 (Flash). View Demo

(NEW)Clock : A simple flash Clock using AS3 (Flash).

       Calculator : Updated version of my flash Calculator. Perfect for use online,or offline with a flash player!

    Support sin, cos, tan, log,sqr( UPDATED)

    Support parenthesis( Fixed)

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