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Last Updated: 27/04/2008

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     Fan Controller : With this you will be able to check the speed of your fan. When you reduce the speed you reduce the noise and also the air flow. Schematic

    Master Drive Selector: This switch is very usefull because you can choice which you can choice which from your devices (hard disks/cd roms/cd rw/dvdr etc) will be the master and whice one the slave. Schematic

    Ir Receiver: A very easy to build ir receiver which you can use with Girder(Trial Version) and any remote control (Tv/video) and gives to your pc home theatre abilities. Schematic

    Winamp Media Buttons: A very helpful addition to a pc adding 4 buttons from the serial port which can be used to control winamp. Schematic - Winamp Plugin

    Video Out/Audio Out to Scart: A simple schematic of how to convert your audio/video out signal to scart for easier connection with the tv. Schematic

     Xbox Controller to PC: The only you have to do is to connect 4 wires and install the drivers, then you will be able to use your Xbox Controller to play your favourite pc game. Schematic - Drivers 

     Keyboard, Monitor & Mouse Pinouts: For PC, SUN, MAC, USB, FIREWIRE, RS232, Digital Flat Panel and EVC configurations. Link 

        Standalone Cd Player : If you have an old Cd Drive with a Play button you can convert it tou a stand alone cd player. The only you have to do is to use the headphone jack to connect speakers and make the next circuit as a power supply for the cd drive. standalonecdplayer.gif 

(NEW)Epanorama: Everything about joystick interfaces. Link