Game Development

Last Updated:27/08/09

(New)tetrisClimber: Climb as high as you can before the battery discharge!! Play Now 

Tower Builder: Try to build the highest building in the world!  Play Now 

Letters Hunter: The third version of TypeMaster . Play Now 

Minesweeper: A flash version of windows "minesweeper"! Flash Player is required . Play Now 

Duck Hunt v2.0A flash version of the classic Duck Hunt game from Nintendo. This is a remake with a few changes including graphics remake and more realistic game play . Play Now

Berlekamp Switching Game: A flash version of Elwyn Berlekamp's 1960 switching game! Play Now

Poker: A simple poker game! Flash Player is required . Play Now

BlackJack: A BlackJack game, for the Christmas Holidays :-),  in ActionScript . Flash Player is required . Play Now

Switches: Try to turn all the lights green! Flash Player is required . Download Now