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As many of you are probably aware, CMS announced the final round of Innovation Challenge (http://1.usa.gov/KO87vf) funding on Friday 6/15/12. It was an extremely competitive process with only 107 total awards made out of the 3,000 applications. Unfortunately, NCEMSI's grant was not among the awardees. While we are obviously disappointed in the outcome, we are pleased to announce that the written grant review feedback we received from the Innovation Center was highly positive. We are also excited that several EMS projects and two distinct Community Paramedic programs were funded, demonstrating CMS's commitment to evaluating this innovative health care solution.

At NCEMSI, we remain committed to supporting the efforts of Community Paramedic programs across the nation. We are available to support your CP initiative, whether it be through helping you engaging stakeholders, evaluating community need and developing services, identifying cost and quality measures, or evaluating your program. Please do not hesitate to contact us for assistance - we would love to help you make Community Paramedics a successful solution to meeting the health care needs of your community!

We also encourage you to seek funding from other local and national foundations. As we hear of opportunities, we will be sure to pass along that information.

Let us know what we can do to help and what questions you may have.

Anne Robinson

First Round to Innovation Center

It was a long slog for many of you who submitted applications to the MMCI on the 27th of January. Congratulations! Now begins the long wait to see who and where got funded. Congratulations to everyone for initiating a round one application or even teeing one up for a potential round two of funding! (more on this later)

The North Central EMS Institute submitted an application that included 16 sites in nine (9) states. This application also provides funding for the technical assistance center and the ability to sub-contract with specialists at the UNC EMS PIC (Performance Improvement Center) for data analysis.  

We are going to keep the Community Paramedic Innovation Challenge Collaborative (CPICC) open to any site(s) that is willing to participate and meet the goals and objectives that other participants have committed to. To get more information about his please contact 

The primary objective is to collaborate with other Community Paramedic TM pilots to:

1)       Share lessons learned, ideas and communication with members of the Collaborative

2)       Utilize a common core set of performance and outcome measures

3)      Support the utilization of a national technical assistance center at the North Central EMS Institute (NCEMSI)

More coming about preparing for Round Two!


On November 14, 2011, the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation (CMMI) released details about the Health Care Innovation Challenge that will fund innovators to rapidly deploy new models that deliver better health, improved care and lower costs (the “Three-part Aim”). On page five (5) of the Funding Opportunity Announcement the following example is provided as an example of a model that may be supported, “expand the use of community-based paramedic to provide basic services to extend available primary care resources in rural communities.”

This is an incredibly rare and exciting opportunity that represents significant efforts of community paramedicine to be recognized nationally and within the halls of CMS and the Innovation Center. Not only does this Innovation Challenge offer funding to expand pilots and utilization of Community Paramedics it has the potential to fundamentally change the reimbursement structure to support and sustain community paramedicine across the country.

The proposal outlined ion this site has been completed with input from interested parties as well as individuals knowledgeable about what the Innovation Center in an effort to rally innovators who are interested in deploying or refining Community Paramedic (TM). The goals outlined herein are focused on; increasing the probability of funding for as many Community Paramedic models as is reasonable, improve the collective ability of these models to successfully meet the rigorous service delivery and payment improvement demands of the grant, and finally to initiate needed investment in building a national infrastructure that will guide the deployment of Community Paramedicine beyond the three year horizon of this grant. 


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Not funded by CMS but not OUT!

posted Jun 20, 2012, 7:59 PM by Matt Womble

We have over 110 new Community Paramedics being trained and many more that want to start. Our goal was to change policy and I believe we can still do that. If we all continue to band together through the Collaborative (maybe re-name it Community Paramedic Collaborative (CPC)) we can keep this movement going. Don't be fooled, change is hard but its worth it. And to quote Alan Kaye, an innovator in the world of computer science, "the best way to predict the future is to invent it." Let me know if you would like to press on.
All the best,
Matt W.

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