7th European Symposium on Computing π-Conjugated Compounds (from Feb. 12th to 13th)

CπC is a series of small symposia on the computations of various properties of π-conjugated systems. These symposia cover from small π-conjugated molecules up to very large systems, as well as computational approaches ranging from empirical force fields up to high-level quantum chemistry.

Previous CπC symposia were organized in Valencia (2010), Limoges (2011), Mons (2012), Marseille (2013), Linköping (2014) and Olomouc (2015). 

The 2016 edition of CπC will be held in Bordeaux (France), from February 12th 9h00, to February 13th 12h00.

The number of participants is limited to max. 60 in order to maximize the opportunities for young scientists and students to present their work through an oral presentation.  There will also be a poster session in the coffee area.

Registration is free but mandatory

Important dates:

            November 15th - Deadline for registration

            December 15th Deadline for abstract submission

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