RGAO, RIDO and REB Requirements

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For RGAO Requirements:
> Letter addressed to RGAO Cheif Coordinator (Cynthia I. Valencia, MD)
> 1 copy of complete study protocol
>1 copy of final lined-item budget of the study site
>Statement of full disclosure of past and present professional associations and business transactions with sponsors (to be assigned by the PI)

For RIDO Technical Review and UPM-REB ethics review:

A. 9 sets of Dossier ( 1 original and 8 photocopies) with the following documents ( if relevant/applicable)
(Kindly arrange the requirements in your protocol package according to the following order)
a. RIDO FORMS (Available at or you can download it below.
UPCM RIDO ERB F010 - Protocol Package Receipt
UPCM RIDO ERB F011 - Request for Initial review of protocol
UPCM RIDO ERB F014 - Ethics Review Board Ethical Review checklist
b. Curriculum Vitae of Principal Investigator and Co-Investigator/s or Supervising Investigator/s
c. GCP and/or Research Ethics training Certificates of all Investigators
d. Listed names of the study members with their brief job desvriptions
e. Protocol
f. Informed Consent Form in English
g. Informed Consent Form in Tagalog
h. Assent for Minors
i. Investigator's Brochure
j. Agreements/ Contracts
k. CDs of synopsis of the protocol containing:
    > Title, PI, Department, Sponsor, primary Objective/s, brief Methodology, Number of Participants to be recruited, Study site/s, duration of the study, Inclusion and Exclusion criteria, Study diagram and flowchart, and Statistical Analysis plan.
    > Informed Consent forms (English and Filipino)
    > Soft Copy of the Accomplished 
UPCM RIDO ERB F010 - Protocol Package Receipt

B. Other Relevant documents

**Submit all the Requirements to the research Grant Administration Office (RGAO). Incomplete RGAO or RIDO and REB requirements will not be accepted.
**You may also submit the copy of the Agreements/ Cntracts of the Study to RGAO upon submission of RIDO and REB Requirements to be reviewed by the UP Manila Legal Office

Research Registration

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All research proposals, whether funded or not, should be registered at the Research Office through the Department Chair. Register your research at the research office.

Welcome to the CPH Research Office Site!

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Thank you for visiting the CPH Research Office Site! In this site you will learn more about the CPH Research Office. You can also download the research registration application form (just click on the Investigators download), or you can register on line (click on the register on line link) if you want your research to be registered with the College. There is also a link provided for the CPH Ethics Review Committee for your proposals Ethics Review.

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