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Business Challenge:
Brand/Image Building | Generate Engagement

Google's top priority has always been to focus on our user’s satisfaction. This has created a powerful and trusted environment for marketers to connect with consumers. Today, Google’s ability to connect with consumers goes well beyond search via the Google Network: the largest online ad network on the Internet, which supports banners, video ads, and in the near future Google Gadgets.

Marketers are starting to realize the power of Google products such as AdWords Site Targeting, Google Gadgets, Google Earth, Google Click to play Video ads and Google Maps Mashups

AdWords Site Targeting and Google's content network:

Be there when users are on affinity sites

Have your message be timely and precise when users are reading an article about lamb or any other main food ingredient.








Google Gadgets

* information on Google Gadgets
How will Google Gadgets help build my brand?
Google Gadgets are merely mini-applications that live in a personalized environment. Gadgets are easy to create -- if you can make a website, you can create a gadget. As Newsweek has noted, "User-generated content was a hallmark of 2006. It's a fair bet that 2007 will be all about further customizing your online life."

You can create and use Google Gadgets to:

  • Create another channel to engage current and new customers
  • Introduce new products
  • Provide opportunities for brand consideration
  • Drive sales of your product online and offline
  • Reach a broader audience
  • Allow for an ongoing brand presence
  • Provide product feedback and updates

Historically, Gadgets have lived on your desktop or a homepage, but Google is now making these an option for our targeted ad network. How a gadget could look as a gadget ad on the Google Content Network

Lean Cuisine Wellness Gadget

SuperValu Concept Recipe Gadget

Pizza Hut Gadget Concept

Google Earth

Want to know more about a specific location? Dive right in -- Google Earth combines satellite imagery, maps and the power of Google Search to put the world's geographic information at your fingertips.

Use Google Earth to give your users that unique experience of using satellite imagery.

Give your users a new experience when finding your stores

This Safeway Store tour demo is best viewed in Google Earth 4.

In addition, in this example , inside the information bubble, you can have users add the Safeway Gadget to their Google homepage


Google AdWords Click to play Video Ads

Connect with Online Video to extend branding efforts

Adidas Click to play video ad example

More information on Google Adwords Video ads can be found here



Engage Consumers with Mashups

A mashup is a website or application that combines content from more than one source into an integrated experience.

"We know we don't have a corner on creativity. There are creative people all around the world, hundreds of millions of them, and they are going to think of things to do with our basic platform that we didn't think of. So the mashup stuff is a wonderful way of allowing people to find new ways of applying the basic infrastructures we're propagating. This will turn out to be a major source of ideas for applying Google-based technology to a variety of applications." - Vint Cerf

Make a Google Map with data from a Google Spreadsheet

Google's mission is to organize the world's information and make it universally accessible and useful. You probably have useful geospatial information on a spreadsheet. Why not display that information in a Google Map.

More information on making a Google Map from a Google Spreadsheet

Examples of Mashups:

Google Maps Mashup with fast food :

Heinz microsite with YouTube :