II International Conference

African Urban Planning

 Program (themes)


The 2nd International Conference on African Urban Planning, organized by the Institute of Geography and Spatial Planning - University of Lisbon, in collaboration with the International Planning History Society (IPHS), will be held in Lisbon, on September 7-8, 2017.


 It will be a forum for the discussion of the state-of-the-art of research on African Urban Planning, four years after the first conference in 2013. 


The Conference will bring together researchers and planners from academia, public and private sectors, and non-governmental organizations, in an effort to present and debate their research on African Urban Planning and to share knowledge, viewpoints, methods, research outcomes and policy ideas. It is organized around four main themes.


In each of these themes we welcome country and cross-country approaches, studies of individual cities, and the comparison of African cities or countries with one another, and with those elsewhere, in particular in the Global South. 


It is organized around four main themes:


    Theme 1 - The History of African Urban Planning   • •>         


    Theme 2 - Learning from African Urban Planning  • •>


    Theme 3 - Localizing Goal 11 of the SDGs and The New Urban Agenda  • •>