Wedding FAQs

Comstock Park Congregational Church, "The Little White Church" by the park, is available to be rented for weddings.   The Sanctuary, Fellowship Hall, and Grounds are all available to be rented for a nominal fee.   If you are interested, please contact the church at for availability and rental information.
Common Questions
Q:  How many people does the church hold?
A:  There are 20 pews available for guests, so at 5 per pew you can fit about 100 people in the church.   Capacity is 156, so you can theorectically add chairs and squeeze a few more people in but it would not be comfortable.   Parking also becomes a consideration.
Q:  Will you provide a minister?
A:  Yes.  Rev. Woodward can be contacted to discuss his availabilty and what he requires to marry couples.
Q:  Can we provide our own minister?
A:  Yes.
Q:  When is the church available?
A:   Easier to tell you when it is not available.   We hold services on Sunday mornings, so the church would not be available until after 1 PM on Sunday.   Monday, Tuesday and Friday evening and all day Wednesday and Thursday we have other activities going on at the church, so we can only accommodate a morning or afternoon wedding on Mon, Tue or Fri.   Saturday the building is available all day.
Q:  Are instruments and sound available?
A:  We have a sound system, overhead projector, piano, digital piano and organ all available for you to use for an additional charge.  If you have any questions on the use of equipment the Music Director will meet with you to discuss how to use.   You may also hire the Music Director to provide music.   
Q:  Can we serve food or alcohol?
A:  The Fellowship Hall is available to be rented, however the kitchen is not rated for food preparation.   If food is going to be served it will need to be catered.   Alcohol may not be served by Michigan Law.  Also, there is considerably less seating in the Fellowship Hall.
Q:  What about an outside wedding?
A:  The grounds down by Mill Creek can make for a nice outdoor wedding site.   We do not always maintain the site, so you may need to tidy things up the day before by mowing or weeding, but we will work with you on that.   While we do not charge anything additional for using the grounds, we do suggest that you rent the Fellowship Hall as a location for the wedding party to get ready.    You may also choose to have Sanctuary available on "stand by" in case of inclement weather (you would be charged the normal rental fee only if you needed to use it).   
Q:  Can we decorate the church?
A:  Yes.   You may decorate the church and you may move any banners, instruments, microphones, etc. that you need to in order to make your wedding visually what you are looking for.   We simply ask that you put everything back exactly as you found it.  
Q:  What about cleaning up?
A:  We do expect you to provide for cleaning after the wedding (picking up, vacuuming, etc).   We can make arrangements for somebody from the church to provide those services for an additional fee.