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  • Positively identify the test taker
  • Effectively scan the testing environment
  • Lock down or monitor PCs browser or desktop
  • Support services
  • Cost effective

Possible Solutions

Software Secure 
Provides several products that allow for an enhanced and secure testing environment
Camera and bio-metric device that plugs into the student's computer and takes a 360 video of testing environment.  Bio-metric scanner is meant to insure that only the student registered for the device is able to take the exam.  Recordings are stored on the Software Secure website and can be reviewed at a later date.
A special browser that the student downloads and installs on their machine which locks down the computer and allows access to a secure browser that disables most computer services as soon as the exam begins. While this solution does not record images or sound from surrounding environment, is does disable access to programs on the system as well as copy and paste and screen capture programs. Looks like it can work with Sakai. Can be used alone or as part of the Secure Remote Proctor Suite.

Case studies

Other institutions using Software Secure

Live proctor based solution that allows for a web based testing environment.  Students are able to take a proctored test as long as they have the following:
  • Web browser
  • webcam
  • broadband access
Proctors are certified
Services include behavior alerts, live video monitoring, secure authentication, secure delivery on home computer, 24/7 session reviews.

Note: University of Florida reports that Kryterion software was unable to work with their instance of Sakai.

Proctor U
Proctor U is a web based live proctoring solution where students set up an appointment with an online proctor who then authenticates the student's identity. Software is installed that shares the screen with the proctor (must have administrative access so cannot be done on public computers).  Proctor monitors both the webcam as well as student's screen throughout the test.

Open Questions:
  1. What happens if there is a power failure or surge? What happens if the system freezes?
  2. How much control do proctors have over the student's computer?  Are there any privacy issues in the remote access?
  3. Can the proctor see the whole screen?  Can the student have recording software running in the background?
  4. Does Proctor U continue to have access to student's computers after the software is terminated? 
  5. What are Proctor U's privacy policies?
  6. What is Pacific's liability regarding requiring a third-party having access to a student's computer?  Does a student have the right to refuse? Because it is a third party, if a student refuses to install the software or participate due to privacy concerns, is Pacific required to provide an alternative?
  7. Does the student have the ability (or the right) to terminate testing prior to the completion of the exam?


About Proctor U

Using Proctor U from the Student's POV