Why Do (And Don't) University Faculty Do More with Elearning Technologies?

Conference Abstract http://sloanconsortium.org/conferences/2011/et4online/why-do-and-dont-university-faculty-do-more-elearning-technologies

Key Concepts:
Action research methodology

Internal and External Factors for using or not using technology
  • Internal Factors
    • Individual beliefs
    • Feelings of anxiety
      • Anxiety can be reduced by training
    • Psychological factors
    • Fears
    • Preferences
    • Perceptions
    • Perceptions of time and time management issues
    • Feelings of competence
      • Development of safe environment
  • External Factors
    • Demographics
      • Age
      • Gender
      • Economic?
    • Policies
    • Procedures
    • Class size
      • iLearn demo where instructor can download all assignment at once
    • Faculty support Systems (or lack of)
    • Incentives
    • Technological
      • Unified (simplified) grade book
      • Continued improvement to the UI
      • Sorting & searching
      • Flexibility and accessibility
      • UI consistency 
      • Reliability
      • sustainability/Maintainability
Problems with student resistance, but often due to inconsistencies in experience.  Quality of online experience linked to faculty development and uniform expectations regarding course design and experience.
Donald Jordan,
Jul 12, 2011, 11:34 AM