Retrofitting Online Courses for Quality in Four Dimensions

Conference Abstract:

Key concepts:
What is the typical processes for updating work?
Why retrofit
  • Lack of compliance to laws and policies
  • Incomplete adherence to domain (incomplete treatment)
  • Inherited curriculum
  • Technical obsolescence
Four Dimensions
  • Staying updated with laws and policies
  • Maintaining accuracy
  • Learnability for the respective learners
  • Taking advantage of technological advancements "future proofing"
 Retrofitting standards
  • Legal standards
  • campus policies
  • master course outlines
  • domain field standards
  • Course build style books
    • design documents that outlines standards and technology
  • Technological standards


The slideshows capture the basic information that will be presented, but the presentation itself will be in a different format. The link to the presentation is available here.  

The article on which this presentation is based--"An Instructional Design Approach to Updating an Online Course Curriculum" (Educause Quarterly, Vol. 33, 2010) is available here