Beginners: It is best to show up early. The caller will provide basic instruction and start with simple dances. But don't worry if you don't feel you are getting it right way. The purpose is to have fun!


Send an email to cpcda-info<remove this and replace with at-sign> for more information or to request to be added to our electronic mailing list. We email seasonal flyers, plus reminders about the dances each month. You can also sign up for the list serve at the dance. The CPCDA Facebook page is also a great place to learn about upcoming events (in State College and elsewhere) and arrange for ride sharing.


CPCDA Facebook page - follow the latest State College dance events.

Other people maintain pages with many links to information about contra dancing. Ted Crane's National Grid is a good way to locate a dance. It can also be asked to show just Pennsylvania.

For more information and schedules, see Contra Corners, which has more pointers than we can keep here.

Another site with many links and resources is

Other dance series not too far away include:

Lewisburg Area Contra Dances

The Harrisburg Area Contra Dance Association

Lancaster Traditional Society Contra Dances