Christian Danniel Paz Trillo

I am a Peruvian Computer Science Professional, with several years of experience in software development and teaching. I am a Systems Engineer (equivalent to Computer Science) by Universidad Nacional de San Agustín in 2000 and MSc in Computer Science by University of São Paulo in 2005.

My MSc project (Granted by CAPES) mainly consisted in the development of OnAIR, a natural language-based information retrieval system, that queries a database of interviews (with a Brazilian artist, Ana Teixeira) in form of videos. The interview is due to Paula Braga, who supported us with domain information about art (that I do not know at all).

OnAIR project was developed (and is still being improved) under advisement of Renata Wassermann.

I have several years of international experience in software development, and I had a very nice experience teaching Artificial Intelligence, and a lot of Programming at Senac São Paulo and for now I am back in Lima-Perú and work at Reniec.

I speak Spanish, Portuguese and English(advanced).

I am writing a blog about my experiences of returning to Perú, after 10 years living in São Paulo.

If you want to know a little more about me, follow these links:

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