Crouch Mod (for Halo 2)


This mod will add a switch to your Microsoft S controller for crouching in Halo 2.  When using crouch, you can hide in a corner and not be detected by a motion sensor and you can operate your other buttons without holding down the left thumbstick.

The parts need are as followed:



     Radio Shack Number

SPST Switch

Micro mini



Rosin core



Any thin guage wire is fine



One note before you start, it says on Radio Shacks website that you mount the switch in a 1/4 inch hole, thats wrong.  It says on the back of the package it comes in that it mounts in a  3/16 hole.  I was following the website because I threw out the package, so now my switch  can move if I dont tighten it a lot more then it should be.

Take your controller apart, dont lose any screws, buttons, or rubber pads from inside. The momentary button is located under the left thumbstick.  The trigger has to be un-clipped from from the board to access the solder points.  If needed the whole trigger assembly can be removed by de-soldering the three lined up on the front of the board on the left side.

(Picture taken from rapid fire mod)


Here it is un-clipped


   Solder points are circled 


 The switch I purchased fits perfectly under the controller wire bump.






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