Add Extra Buttons To Your S-Controller



This tutorial will guide you through adding extra buttons to your Xbox S-Controller

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The Parts needed are as followed



     Radio Shack Number

N.O. Switch (normally open)

Don’t Get a N.C. Switch (normally closed)!



Get rosin core



Use IDE cable or CAT5



I was looking around the board for some easier soldering points then on those tiny pads that have the green protective film over them.  I found new soldering point for the X, A, and Black buttons, they are on points that already have solder and need no scraping of the green film.  But if you want to add an extra Y, B, or White button, you will have to scrape off the green film with a knife.  When you are scraping, make sure that you DO NOT scrape it too hard or else you can do un-fixable damage.  If you want to make one of the buttons capable of rapid fire, use my RAPID FIRE TUTORIAL and just hook up the wire to the buttons soldering point. 


Here are the spots where you have to solder for adding extra buttons


This picture is for A,B,Y,X, and Black button



















This picture is for the white button, the solder point to the right of the number 3 on the left side of the controller












After you have a wire soldered to the solder point for the corresponding button that you want to add, find a good spot for ground and solder a wire to that.  Here is a picture of a grounding point that you can use.












After you have the 2 wires, the button wire, and the ground, solder one to a pole on the switch that you are using, and now solder the other to the remaining pole on that switch.

Now you need to find a good place in the controller for mounting the push buttons.  If you want it under your right middle finger, then use this picture for mounting.  You must remove this post for the button to fit.













If you want to mount it under your left middle finger, then just drill a hole in that area, nothing should be in the way if you are using a Microsoft S Controller.

When you go to put the push buttons in, you should bend the poles like this so they dont get in the way












Dont forget to put electrical tape or heatshrink over exposed wires.


Good job, now you can play a game and us the button under your middle finger instead of move your thumb off the thumb stick.


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