According to me, both Affiliate marketing & CPA are great options if you wish to earn money online. Affiliate marketing may take time to give results, but in the long run it is quite fruitful when combined with right strategy. CPA on the contrary is good for beginners without a website because you simply have to send traffic that needs to take simple action (submit email, install an app) etc..

If you wish to choose affiliate marketing, check out eukhost affiliate program (free to join, highest paying commission)

For CPA networks, here are few to get started with: MaxBounty, Peerfly, vCommission, Clickdealer.


I feel cpa marketing is better in that there are multiple action a user can take to get you to make some commissions.

  • Lead
  • Zip info
  • Email info
  • Sale
  • Doi or souble optin in

While affiliate marketing, you need to make a sale.

Both are essentially the same but 1 has multiple ways to make money.

If you aren't so good at making 1 monetization option work.

Either way for both having tracking tools and a bit of spending budget you can make money farely quickly.

Here are some tracking tools to use when doing paid marketing:

  • Volumm
  • Testeasily
  • CPV lab and more. Just use these kinds of tools if you want to get the indepth scoop on the traffic you are generating.

You can also do free marketing via:

  • Fb groups
  • quora
  • Reddit and many other social platforms

If you are interested in doing cpa marketing and are having trouble with getting accepted.


CPA stands for Cost Per Action! CPA is very simple: you get paid when someone clicks on your affiliate link and completes an action. The action can be just about anything, but usually consists of: Filling out a form - Getting an estimate or quote - Signing up for a free trial - Buying something!


Having a job is a great way to start making some cash flow, but you should use it to actually start a business. A job isn’t scalable. You only have 24 hours in a day, and you're not even going to work more than 12 hours in a day. Having access to the internet is all you need, you can see that attention is now the new way to becoming successful. The more exposure your brand gets (whether that is from posts, social media, websites, etc) the more opportunities you have to monetize off your traffic. When you have a lot of people's attention, and you create a product, you’re likely to make a sale. THIS IS SCALABLE. Anything you put out on the internet compounds, continually getting more and more traffic that gives you a chance to make a sale.

Most of CPA Networks are with instant approval

Here you can find best cpa networks

With that being said it's pretty hard to get traffic quickly, but if you've heard of Amazon FBA you can sell products on there website and basically steal their traffic for your own benefit. This is my main source of income, its online and for the amount of effort I put in, it's pretty easy. (nothing is get rich quick, it does require work) but in terms of every way to make money online, this is probably the fastest and easiest to generate full time income in my opinion.

To brief it to you without overwhelming you with information, what I do is source products from china in bulk (DIRT CHEAP) lets say I buy 200 units for the price of $1, and I send it to Amazon's fulfillment centers and I list those products for $15, I make a $10 Profit Per Unit I sell. I have a lot of days where I make $150 a day, I sometimes wake up in the morning with 50$ profit, etc. This is by far right now the best trend, I've searched a lot of different ways of making money, while most of them are bullshit, cash apps, etc. Affiliate Marketing works, but like I said before, you need traffic and that's rough to get for an average person.

The most underrated thing and the BEST part to me is; that hard earned traffic is given to you for FREE, people already know about Amazon, but people don't know about your website/blog/etc. There's easier ways to get more exposure with your product. You can rank your product on page 1 pretty easy and doing so will make your product viewed by hundreds of thousands of purchase ready customers. I am 20 years old and I'm pulling it off, i'm sure you can do this too. If your interested I can show you how to start an Amazon business, and what I personally do to grow it. Amazon isn't saturated, but with that being said this takes work, so if you're willing to work at this then this WILL replace your full time income. Hopefully I helped.