Tutorial #7c - A Message Just For Fretlight Owners
If you already own a Fretlight Guitar then you may have access to Fretlight M-Player (FMP) songs files (*.mid or *.flmid).  These special Fretlight Midi Files can easily be converted to Rocksmith Ready Midi (RRM) Files, and vice versa for that matter.

Load a FMP song into the MidiFileModder program and look for Track Names that begin with "FMP".  Use the MidiFileModder program to change each FMP full track name to either "RS-Lead", "RS-Rhythm", or "RS-Bass".   In MidiFileModder, toolbar menu item "Modify Midi" be sure to uncheck "Invert Channels 11 to 16" before selecting "Modify Tracks".  More details about the conversion can be found here toward the bottom of the page search for "Start the Midi2RsXml program". 

Additional Fretlight Midi Player songs can be purchased from the Optek, Fretlight Guitar website.  Be aware that not all FMP songs are good candidates for conversion.