Tutorial #5 - Audio Cross Reference (ACR) DropletApp - CDLC Modding
NEW Feature  ...  ACR now includes a drag/drop WEM to OGG converter

Is there a way to easily remove specific songs from a {CDLC} psarc archive file using the custom toolkit?

Easy ... not for most.  Is there a way ... yes.   Follow this 25 step tutorial for modding existing CDLC content:

  1. Using CST, select the Packer/Unpacker menu tab. 
  2. Check box "SNG to XML".  "Decode Audio" is only necessary if you want to listen to a song (*.ogg) file with a music player.
  3. Press "Unpack".
  4. Select a CDLC file to modify.  (CST will unpack CDLC in this step.)
  5. Open the CDLC content folder (CDLC_NAME_p_Pc)
  6. Open the subfolder 'audio'
  7. Open the subfolder 'windows'
  8. Use my new tool, "Audio Cross Reference for Rocksmith 2014".   Download ACR here.  Drag/Drop the *.bnk files from subfolder "windows" onto the AudioCrossReference.exe file icon.  ACR will tell when it is done working.
  9. Now back to CST.  Select the "Creator" tab menu.
  10. Make sure Rocksmith 2014 radio button is select.  Select the desired "Platform" check box(es).
  11. Click the Arrangements "Add" button.  Click the "Browse" button in the Add Arrangement popup form.
  12. Open the CDLC content folder (CDLC_NAME_p_Pc), same folder as step 5 above.
  13. Open "songs" folder.
  14. Open "arr" subfolder.  Select the arrangement *.xml  file that you want to repackage.  Repeat step 11-14 to add additional arrangements.  Back in CST the "Song Information" should populate.  Be sure to make changes to Song Information (title, artist, album, etc.) that is representative of the modified content before continuing.
  15. Click the "Album Art" button.   Again open the Open the CDLC content folder (CDLC_NAME_p_Pc).
  16. Open "gfxassets" folder.
  17. Open "album_art" subfolder.
  18. Select the album_CDLC_NAME_256.dds file and click "Open".
  19. Click the "Convert audio on Wwise 2013 for Windows ... *.wem" button.  Again open the Open the CDLC content folder (CDLC_NAME_p_Pc).
  20. Open the "audio" folder.
  21. Open the "windows" subfolder.  Select the new CDLC_NAME.wem file that was created with ARC tool in step 8.  MAKE SURE YOU DO NOT select the CDLC_NAME_preview.wem file by mistake.
  22. Click "Generate".  Now is the time to change the default CDLC file name to be more representative of the content then click "Save".
  23. Wait for "Package was generated" message.
  24. Move the new CDLC package to the game dlc/cdlc folder.  Remove the original CDLC package.
  25. Start the game and play your new CDLC arrangement.

Give it a try and let me know if you have questions after you have re-read these instructions 5 times.  Do not ask me about non-PC platforms.  If all the songs from the original CDLC package still show up in the game after modification, then you need to use CGT program, Game Save Gigbox menu tab,  Sync option on your game save with the newly modified CDLC content.

The ACR program is for educational use only and may not be sold or purchased.  Any activities that may negatively effect the original authors, Ubisosft® or Steam content in anyway are not condoned or supported.  Rocksmith users should remember to support Ubisoft® and Steam by purchasing original game content and software releases so that these companies may continue making products that we enjoy.