Tutorial #4 - Game Saves Gigbox - How to Use Repair Option

So after reading many post about problems with corrupted game saves or just backing up localprofiles.json and *_prfldb files.  I developed Game Saves Gigbox to make backup, transfer, repair, reset, snyc, and create new game saves much easier.  The official release is here, included as part of my Custom Game Toolkit program.  Just look for the Game Saves menu tab when you run CGT. 

Feature List

  • Backup - make a backup copy (*.bak) of game save files before you have problems.  (Hint: remove .bak extension to restore.)
  • Transfer - move game save from one computer to another.
  • Repair - fix corrupt game save.  If auto repair does not work send corrupt game save here ... 100% sucesss rate.
  • Reset - selectively restore game save settings to defaults or clear them all together.  Use it to reset DD and others.
  • Sync - synchronize the game save with currently installed CDLC.  Removes references to CDLC in the game save that are no longer installed, speeds up loading and reduces crashing.  Be sure to remove unused CDLC before running this.
  • New - Create a new default game save, or split an existing multiplayer save into seperate single player saves.

HOT new features - Look for the new "Statalog" tab menu

  • Custom Songs Catalog - catalogs CDLC files by File Name, Author, Title, Album, Year, DD, GUID into CSV file format.  Check the GUID field to find duplicates that can cause game crashes.
  • Player Stats and Songs Stats - in CSV file format (Excel compatible).  Improved error checking and performance.

Tips to avoid game save corruption:

  1. Do not exit, quit or abort the game in any way other than following the in-game prompts to quit .
  2. Never shut off your computer while the game is loaded.
  3. Never attempt to modify/add CDLC files while the game is loaded.
  4. Never attempt to modify any other game files (such as *.ini) while the game is loaded.
  5. Never be the first to try new untested CDLC.  75% of corrupt game saves are caused by CDLC that are already on the List of Crashers, jammers, dead toners, and MISC problems. (You must be logged into CustomsForge to access this link).
  6. Minimize the number of CDLC files that are installed.  Backup and remove ones that are not played then use the Game Saves Gigbox - Sync feature.
  7. Be patient while the game loads and shut downs properly.
How to Use Game Save Gigbox - Repair option

Some users have asked why they receive an error message similar to the one shown below when they run the Game Save Gigbox - Repair option.  The repair tool is telling you that CDLC is corrupt/poorly formed.  In the case shown below: CDLC that has GUID 27F67AE5535A4AF28A52719780990193 is corrupt.  Use the new Statalog menu tab, Custom Song Catalog tool to find which CDLC file has GUID 27F67AE5535A4AF28A52719780990193 and delete the file from your computer.  Then run the Game Save Gigbox - Repair option again.  As a final step, use the Sync option to cleanup your game save and remove all traces of the corrupt CDLC.  You may have more than one corrupt CDLC file, in which case, just repeat the process for each file.

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