Tutorial #3 - Custom Intro Screen Templates (Artwork Files)
Custom Intro Screen Templates (*.cis files) contain all the artwork necessary to produce a custom intro screens sequence for your game.  You can create artwork in *.png image format that has a transparent background, and then load the artwork into the Custom Game Toolkit for Rocksmith 2014 to produce your own intro screen sequence.

After you have created some really cool intro screens you can send your *.cis template file(s) to this link and share your artwork with other users.  You can also use the Feedback Form to submit your URL link to any custom intro screen template you would like to share.

The transparent background PNG artwork that you create for Custom Intro Screens will also work with the new Custom Image Injector feature.  Image Injector allows the user to replace almost any static image in the game with their choice of image.  Have fun with this one.

You can leave comments or questions for me about this tutorial over at
CustomsForge.    After you login to CustomForge , click the envelope on the top menubar and send your message to recipient Cozy1.

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