Tutorial #1 - Custom Guitar Inlays for Rocksmith 2014
As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words.  I wanted to see the natural notes on the Rocksmith 2014 fretboard as I play.  Pretty cool looking, right?  Here is my "how to" tutorial.
With the help and inspiration of other Rocksmith modders over at Smithy's Anvil (site now defunct), I was able to make a custom inlay that displays the natural notes on each fret and string on the fretboard for a guitar that is in standard (EADGBe) tuning.  I chose to positioned the note names on each string directly under where the Rocksmith "notehead" will hit.  The custom inlay creates a nice visual effect as the notes are highlighted as you play.

Here is my ten step tutorial for how to use Custom Game Toolkit (CGT) program to produce working DLC Inlay files for your copy of Rocksmith 2014.  Hint:  You can click on the underscored item numbers to see a "how-to" picture of the step.

2.  Familiarize yourself with the unpacked files.  We will be using these files.

3.  Click on "
CustomGameToolkit.exe" and run the program.  (.Net Framework 4.0 is required)

4.  Click on "Platform" combobox and select your game platform, e.g. PC.

5.  Click on "Artist and Song Title" combobox and select any DLC song that you have purchased for RS2014.  You can also just leave this set to the default.

6.  Click on "Select" button and choose a folder where you would like to store your new Custom Guitar Inlay.  This will usually be the folder where the RS2014.exe file is located.  The Custom Guitar Inlays program will automatically create a dlc/inlays folder inside the root folder.

7.  Click on the "Open Template" button and select "Fret_Notes_Cozy1.cgm"   The onscreen icon and inlay images will change when finished loading.  Select the appropriate checkboxes for the template.   Note: if you play leftie you will have to check the box and flip image horizontally before creating the inlay.

8.  Click on the "Create CDLC Inlay" at the bottom.  A progress bar popup window will show the program is working.  Click "OK" when finished.

9.  In cased you did not pick the official RS2014 folder in step 4 you will need to copy your custom inlay to the RS2014 folder manually.  Go to the folder you selected and locate the "dlc" folder (it also contains a subfolder "inlays").  The "dlc" folder gets copied along with its sublolder and contents
"fret_notes.psarc" file to the RS2014.exe directory. 

10.  Start Rocksmith 2014.  At the main menu, press the "CTRL" key to access the "My Path" menu.  Scroll down to "Change Inlay" and press enter.  Scroll down the list of custom inlays until you find the "Fret Notes 3-18" icon.  Select and load your new custom inlay.  Go back to the game and learn the notes on the fretboard as you play. 

Important Note: Sometimes custom inlays are finicky and will not load the first try.  The work around is to start the game then go back to the "My Path" "Change Inlay" menu and select and load the "Rocksmith" inlay.   Play the game, and make sure the fretboard has changed to the Rocksmith inlay.  Now go back to the "My Path"
"Change Inlay" menu and this time select your custom "Fret Notes" inlay, go back to the game, and play.  Your custom guitar inlay should now display properly.

How to Make Custom Inlays by Racer Allen

Additional Info

It took awhile for the light bulb in my brain to "turn on".  About three complete readings of the 19+ pages at Smithy Anivil forums (site now defunct) did it. 
Custom guitar inlays for the PC version have file extension "*.psarc", just like CDLC files do.  So in case you haven't figured it out yet ... spoiler alert ... custom guitar inlays are similar to CDLC (custom songs).  Custom inlays get stored in your Rocksmith 2014 "dlc" folder, in a subfolder named "inlays".  Very much the same way you would put custom songs in the "dlc" folder, possibly in a subfolder named "customs".  Wow!

The original Photoshop artwork for creating custom guitar inlay templates can be found in Tutorial #2.  You will notice that there are (3-18) 16 fret and (1-24) 24 fret versions of my Fret Notes custom inlays. 

A big shout out and special thanks goes to @Baoulettes for developing the CDLC inlay concept that is found in his Rocksmith 2014 Guitar Maker (CGM) script, @Frack for incredible inlays, buttons and custom psarc mods, and to @Dynamikstudios who made the first inlay with notes that inspired me make these custom inlays.  Modders should not forget to thank the developers of Custom Song Creator Toolkit for Rocksmith, whom without, these inlay mods and all other CDLC would not be possible.  Also, thanks to the old Xbox DOAX modding groups for a dejavu experience.  You all know who you are if I forget to mention you.  Also, we can not forget to thank Ubisoft for making Rocksmith 2014 great.

You can leave comments or questions for me about this mod over at CustomsForge.    After you login to CustomForge , click the envelope on the top menu bar and send your message to recipient Cozy1.

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