Recently Added New Features - Compatible with Rocksmith® 2014 Remastered
New Features  - Now Includes Inno Setup Installer and Auto Updater ...

Now transfer your game save to a new computer ...

Manage your CDLC files with the File Manager tab menu.  Advanced CDLC corruption detection, error reporting and automatic quarantine.  Find and remove duplicate CDLC's that are causing those pesky game crashes and hangs. 

Game Saves Gigbox
Game save
backup, transfer, repair, reset, sync, and other new features are now included in the
official release. 
The game save sync feature removes songs from a game save that are no longer present in the CDLC folder (speeds up load times and reduce game crashes).   Backup option now includes support for creating CDLC Playlists.

Check out the NEW Player Progress menu tab.
  Create Custom Songs Stats and Player Stats interactively and save data to compatible CSV and HTML formats.  

Automatically Finds and Quarantines Corrupt CDLC - The Sync option and the Custom Song Catalog and Songs Stats options now automatically identify, and quarantine corrupt CDLC files making a custom game save ready for Repair and Sync options.  Use the feedback form to send problem reports and comments.  You can also use the feedback form to send custom game saves for repair. 

A lot has changed since the first release of Custom Guitar Inlays for Rocksmith 2014.  Many new features have been added to the program.  As a result the program has a new name.  It is now called Custom Game Toolkit for Rocksmith 2014.  CGT for short.  This new name will allow for future revisions and additions to occur seamlessly.

One of the first changes you will see is a that new tabs have been added to the menu.  The first new tab is call Intro Screens.  This features allows users to add customizable intro (startup) screens to the game.  You can customize the intro screens with up to six of your own images.  Watch the new action as the game loads up.  You can save your intro screen sequence as a template so that you can quickly reload  it or share it with other users if you choose to.  Template sharing for intro screens can be found here. 

The main new feature and tab that was added is Image Injector.  With this feature you can inject an image of your choice into virtually any static image that is in the game.  Have fun with this one.  Some favorites are changing guitar paths and chord note images.  There are hundreds of others that you can customize.  Use the Feedback forum to let us know what your favorite image change is.

You can leave comments or questions for me at CustomsForge.    After you login to CustomForge , click the envelope on the top menu bar and send a private message to recipient Cozy1.

Special thanks to the developers of Custom Song Creator Toolkit for Rocksmith.  You can download the latest compiled version of the program here.