New Custom Guitar Inlay Creator added to CSC Toolkit - Q&A
Q1.  In this one (CSC Tookit Version 2.6) there is the inlay creator how it works? In the old inlay creator I remembered that I chose the directory of the game and after the program automatically applied the new inlays. In this new version there is only a "Generate" button that saves a file, I don't know how to use this file...

A1.   After you click "Generate", your custom guitar inlay package will be saved to the "cgm/dlc/Inlays" folder which is located in the root CSC Toolkit root folder if you did not specify a valid "Rocksmith 2014 path" in the new Configuration toolbar.   You will need to manually copy the *.psarc file(s) to the Rocksmith 2014 root/dlc/Inlays folder.  Follow Tutorial #1, Step 10 to use the inlay in the game.   Be sure to also read the "Important Note".

In the latest release of CSC Toolkit, If you specified a valid "Rocksmith 2014 path" in the new Configuration toolbar then the inlay package(s) will be automatically saved to the correct folder.

Q2.  Does anyone know who to get the notes to show up on the fret board on screen?

A2.  See my tutorial for how to make a custom guitar inlay with notes here.  Additional inlay templates can be found here.

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