CGT Revision Log

1.8.0 160302
Major upgrade to File Manager features
CDLC validation of archive entries for read errors
Corrupt CDLC are moved to quarantine
Added 'Repair' utilitiy to File Manager to fix bad Phrases and Sections
Added 'Repair' utililty to change arrangment tuning to E Standard
which eliminates need to retune guitar for CDLC in game testing
Added Enable/Disable of individual CDLC for better control of songs
Added Custom Tooltip Control to provide better user popup help information

1.7.3 150830
Cleaned up BetterDialog usage and appearance
Fixed some user save/load settings

1.7.2 150827
Added new feature to save user settings (directories and screen postion) and load user settings to/from cgt.ini
Fixed "Out of Memory" exception for large image archives in RocksmithToolkitLib.dll
Implimented new custom dialog message boxes for ImageInjector
Added new style progress bar for ImageInjector with better response/feedback
Added new Artist, Title, Album duplicate finder to CDLC Manager 150811
Added additional Game Save Repair for corrupt NameSeparator errors
Removed Mac IP Address Range filtering
Added ability for user to specify corrupt CDLC GUID for repair (requires dev assistance) 150624
Fixed CDLC File Manager sorting issues that occurred on subsequent sorts
Added move option for duplicate CDLC
Duplicate and corrupt CDLC are now stored in apps CGT/statalog folder
Add checkbox to show basic file information
Added unhandled exception error handler
Add reusable class (clsOS) to check OS environmental variables
Add debugMsg accumulator to help users improve CGT