New Custom Guitar Inlay Creator feature added to Custom Song Toolkit for Rocksmith
Custom Song Creator Toolkit for Rocksmith 2014 (CST) now contains a new feature called "Inlay Creator".  With this feature users can create their own custom guitar inlays that are displayed on the guitar neck during the game.  Inlays can be created for both 16 (3-18) and 24 (1-24) fret displays.  A standalone version of the program called Custom Game Toolkit for Rocksmith 2014 (CGT) has also been created.  The standalone version is fully supported and documented and contains additional features.  You can find help, tutorials,  and shared custom guitar inlay templates (artwork).  Click on the links in the left sidebar navigation area. Bookmark this site as your place to come to learn how to produce custom guitar inlays and share your custom inlay artwork (templates).


Rocksmith 2014 is an awesome game.  It can also be an awesome learning tool.  I was looking for a way to learn the notes on the fretboard as I played the game.  After doing much reading and research in the online Rocksmith community forums, I came across a program called Custom Guitar Maker by Baoulettes.  This script based program was able to produce CDLC inlays for Rocksmith 2014.   Turns out CDLC inlays are produced in a similar  way as are CDLC songs.  With the author's permission the script was ported to C# and is now part of CST and is available for community use.

Leave comments or questions for me at CustomsForge.    After you login to CustomForge , click the envelope on the top menu bar and send a private message to recipient Cozy1.

Special thanks to the developers of Custom Song Creator Toolkit for Rocksmith.  You can download the latest compiled version of the program here.