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Some features from CGT are also available as part of Custom Song Creator Toolkit for Rocksmith, version 2.6 and above
Download links are at the bottom of page
Tutorial #7 - Convert Midi to CDLC

Now compatible with  Rocksmith® 2014 Remastered ...  New Features

Custom Game Toolkit for Rocksmith® 2014 Remastered (CGT) is available for download near the bottom of this page.  The purpose of this program is to give users the ability to generate game customizations compatible with Ubisoft Rocksmith 2014 software.  CGT is a multifunctional tool.  You can find support and documentation on this site.  Learn how use CGT and about the program's features.

CGT current features include support for custom:

  • Guitar Inlays
  • Intro Screens
  • Image Injection and Customization
  • Custom Colors
  • Game Saves - Backup, Transfer, Repair, Reset, Sync, New, and Edit capabilities
  • File Manager for CDLC
  • Support for new Rocksmith 2014 Remastered User Profiles
  • NEW Player Progress with Game Stats and Songs Stats
  • NEW Export File Manager and Player Progress to CSV and HTML file formats
Version 2.1.9
  • Customize in game images
  • NEW - Custom Colors (Change your string, note, chord, and tuning peg colors.  Special thanks to coldrampage for feature POC and development assistance.)
  • Inno Installer Setup (be sure to add to your AV's Whitelist)
  • Guitar Inlays and Game Saves Transfer Improvements
  • Auto Updater
  • Complete rewrite of Profile Transfer feature
  • ProfileBackup feature expanded for improved interface with Remastered and Steam
  • Added methods to automatically detect storage locations of User Profile files

CGT Template Sharing

You can find links to this site's sharing area for custom inlay artwork templates in the Navigation heading in the left sidebar.  You know you have seen Custom Guitar Inlays and want them.  Very cool right. 

CGT Background

Rocksmith 2014 is an awesome game.  It can also be an awesome learning tool.  Custom Game Toolkit for Rocksmith 2014 was developed because I was looking for a way to learn the notes on the fretboard as I played the game.  After doing much reading and research in the Rocksmith online community forums, I came across a program called Custom Guitar Maker by Baoulettes.  This script based program was able to produce CDLC inlays for Rocksmith 2014.  Turns out CDLC inlays are produced in a similar way as are CDLC songs.  With the author's permission, the script was ported to C#.  The first incarnation of the program was released as a Custom Guitar Inlay (CGI) add on feature for the Custom Song Creator Toolkit for Rocksmith
(CST) program.  With the help and nurturing of the CST developers, fabianosan and L0FKA, CGI has grown into a full featured standalone program, Custom Game Toolkit for Rocksmith 2014 (CGT) is now available for community use.

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