Classes at Coyote Grange Hall
 8140 Monterey Road - Coyote, CA  95013
 (Just 15 Min from Los Gatos, 10 Min from Morgan Hill)
The Coyote Grange is home to many vendors who specialize in providing classes for the homeschooling community.  We have arranged Elementary, Middle School, with possibly High School classes in the Spring.  Most vendors are Ocean Grove approved. Come take a look at the variety of offerings! Choose just one class, two, or take a full day, your choice!  (Sign up directly thru the teacher, not thru the Coyote Grange).  No registration fees, no membership fees, no volunteer hours for classes!  Feel free to drop your child off as long as you have filled out the emergency form. There is parental supervision for breaks between classes, lunch time, and up to one class period should a class not be right for your student.
Discounts given to Coyote Grange members who volunteer at least 3 hours per month receive a $15 reimbursement from the Grange per class taken.  E-mail Nichole Murphy (nichole@murphy.net) for details. (you do not need to be a member to participate in classes.  Members work together to manage the Coyote Grange Hall and provide educational, environmental, and social experiences for our community.)

Please click on the titles below for detailed information for each class as well and registration information. 
Contact Nichole Murphy (Nichole@Murphy.net) if you have any questions or difficuties.

Click on the join button to join our Coyote Grange Classes yahoogroup.  This is the best way to stay up to date with class offering and class announcements from the Coyote Grange.
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Spring Semester 2018
14 week Semester starts January 11th! 
(NO CLASS FEBRUARY 15, MARCH 15, AND APRIL 5th) Classes End May 3rd. 






Open to Suggestions

Open to Suggestions

Math Logic (age 5-14)


9:30-10:30 (ages group will be split accordingly)


Improv and Puppetry (age 5-16)






 Lunch (12:00-12:30)


Open House will offer a variety of interests taught by Parents & teachers

We Have Art History, Ballroom Dancing, Creative Writing, & PE on the schedule.


Open House All ages