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posted Jun 11, 2014, 9:00 AM by Coyote Canyon Heritage Herd
Honorable Supervisors,
AS the following USFWS petition affects San Diego's unique Coyote Canyon herd, our own county can  add OUR HERITAGE HERD to the San Diego County INVENTORY of cultural and Natural Resources. 
Please schedule this on the agenda for your next meeting so we can proceed to establish a MOU for  multiple agency San Felipe Cultural and wildlife District.
I have just received this press release from Vivian Grant Farrell that on Jun 10, 2014   Friends of Animals (FoA) and The Cloud Foundation have filed a petition with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to list North American wild horses on public lands as threatened or endangered under the Endangered Species Act (ESA) since the Wild Free-Roaming Horse and Burro Act (WHBA), which was passed in 1971, has failed to protect our wild horses and burro HERDS.
The truth of the matter is that in 1971 Wild horse  and Burro herds were recognized by  Congress as  a fast disappearing American Icon from their specified geographical  home ranges."  This is the criteria used to list a distinct population segment...similar to Peninsular Big Horn Sheep.
Agencies  NEGLECTED, with malice of forethought and premeditated carelessness  to add these herds to the INVENTORY list of historic, cultural, native and natural resources . The results are a genetic bottle neck resulting in species extinction.

To read the petition, click on the following link:

Petition to List a North American Distinct Population Segment of Wild Horse (Equus caballus) under the U.S. Endangered Species Act (pdf )

Thank you in advance for your anticipated expedition of the critical matter.

Yours very Truly,

Kathleen Hayden

Coyote Canyon Caballos d'Anza, co founder