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The Ramona pasture under siege - support is needed:

Mission:         TO Restore, and maintain San Diego’s unique inventory of cultural resources via a Multiple agency Memorandum of Understanding.
with private property partners, and Coyote Canyon Caballos d Anza Inc non profit.
Where:  San Felipe Hills, San Felipe Valley, Banner Hills.  Corridor begins at intersection of S2/S22 South to Hwy 78 at Scissors Crossing then west on Hwy 78 to Charriot Canyon Road in the Banner Hills
Passive Recreation access via California Riding and Hiking Trail, Pacific Crest Trail, Butterfield Overland Stage Route
Vehicle access along state routes S2 and Hwy 78
legal citations, multiple species habitat, historic preservation
Cultural wildlife center and campground development on donated conservancy land


Photo albums of the Herd. Go to our photo page, the babies are getting big!




The SD County Board of Supervisors heard testimony, received factual information and listened to the case regarding the Heritage Herd and voted unanimously to work with the BLM to return the Herd to federal lands ASAP.



Direct the Chief Administrative Officer to draft a letter to the Bureau of Land Management requesting that they explore the relocation of the Coyote Canyon Heritage horse herd on federal lands.

Currently, the Coyote Canyon Herd is listed by the international equine conservation non-profit Equus Survival Trust as a critically endangered/nearly extinct breed. CCCd’A would like to create a working plan with BLM for the re-designation and relocation of the Coyote Canyon Heritage Herd on the appropriate Herd Areas (HA’s) designated to them under the 1971 Congressional Act “The Free Roaming Wild Horse and Burro Act.” CCCd’A considers the Heritage herd the living icons representing 243 years of Spanish Mexican occupation, Native American Ranching and Western pioneering in San Diego County. Today’s action directs the Chief Administrative Officer to draft a letter to BLM requesting that they explore the relocation of the Coyote Canyon Heritage Horse Herd to federal lands.

This important step in repatriating the Herd  does not mean the fight is over. There is much work to do and support is needed in every way. Please become a supporter today!

Mustangs in San Diego County!
Did you know you can
restore the Coyote Canyon Wild horse Heritage Herd to their home ranges, in San Diego and Riverside county's BLM Beauty Mountain region?. 


CLICK HERE to print and mail a hard copy of the Support Declaration
If you choose to print please mail to :
San Diego County Board-Supervisors                1600 Pacific Hwy #335, San Diego, CA 92101

This Heritage herd are icons of our unique local cultural evolution from Spanish occupation, Native American Ranching, and Pioneering western settlement. The last herd of Southern California wild horses were removed in 2003 by a management plan oversight....
Rising above the Canyon, the Beauty Mountain ranges are subject to a Herd Area revision to provide the herd with permanent home.

Only four stallions remain from of this herd and are being "fostered" in captivity by Coyote Canyon Caballos D'Anza (CCCDA) near Warner Springs. Our vision is to return them to their natural, free-roaming ranges and restore their genetic viability for future generations .
The distinction between wild mustangs and the Coyote Canyon Heritage Herd is their direct evolution from Colonial Spanish Horses which were sequestered by local tribes since the late 1700s. The Herd's only known relatives are Utah's Sulphur Spring herd. BLM sent Sulphur foundation mares to enhance and ensure the Coyote Canyon herd's genetic future.

Restoration of this HERITAGE Herd was offered by BLM as a partnership pilot program whereby our non profit org would manage the herd with BLM assistance. We believe the success of this partnership could provide a platform that could benefit other herds as well. 
Your positive action and response would be most appreciated.
Visit our Facebook Page for more information!
If you have questions or concerns regarding the Herd please post on the Herd Facebook page so we get the message straight away

OR, send us an email CCCDA@ehayden.org

(WHE-Reno, NV)  Thirty wild horses, rounded up by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) this January from the Diamond Complex, will be released back into the wild sometime after mid-July in an innovative project of the Battle Mountain BLM District, which spans land in both the Ely and Elko Nevada..... click above to read more

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April 5, 2013

WINNER: first foal (above)

"ALLEGRIA" by Cindy Hedgecock

April 15, 2013 ‎(#2 foal)‎

"Esperanza" is her name

2013 Foal 3 COLT

"Donito" ~ the hope for the future!


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