Parish Council

Council Members

Simon Le Gassicke - Chair
Coxwold has been my home since 1997 but I worked overseas until 2011; since then I have been able to take a more active role in our community. I joined the Council in March 2013; am very keen to help Coxwold flourish as an open and fair community and help improve village strengths.  Tel 01347 868719

Jean Richardson
I was born and raised in Coxwold and have been on the council for 20 years. The relaxed ambience of Coxwold is close to my heart and being part of the parish council is one of the ways I can contribute to our small and spirited community

Tel 01347 868356

John Robinson
Coxwold is our first real home after returning from our 13 years in France in 2012. This is an exceptional village with many wonderful people and I would hope that as a Parish Councilor I can help to maintain and improve the wellbeing of our small, but important, community.  Tel 01347 868122

Simon Rheinberg
After nine years as landlord at the Fauconberg Arms I am passionate about the village and community. In addition to helping
 the Parish Council with day to day "housekeeping" I would like to see the growth of community events involving music, theatre and much more.    Tel.01347 868864

Malcolm Hewitt
My wife and I moved to Coxwold in 1997 and having met so many nice friendly good and decent people from the village felt we should try and repay their kindness in some small way. I joined the Council in November 2016 and am the Treasurer; I like being involved to help try to keepCoxwold a most pleasant place to live. Tel 01347 868 706

Chris Wyn-Jones
We moved to Coxwold in 2011 and were made to feel very welcome by the  people in the village.  Becoming Acting Parish Clerk and  early the following year has allowed me to give a little back to the community in which we have chosen to make our home.

Tel. 01347 868558


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