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There and Back Again

Arthur (Ras) Watters - There and back again



Coxwold to Land's End and back, then up to John O'Groats and back. (Photo's)


In April and May 2012 Arthur (Ras) Watters (Coxwold's 'Old' Post master and shop keeper) is cycling from Coxwold to Land's End, then back to Coxwold, then up to John O'Groats and finally back to Coxwold and hopefully with your help raise a great deal of money for the charity, the Royal British Legion.


I am supporting the British Legion because I am not ex forces myself but our son has been in the Army for the last 20 years and my wife's father and his brothers all served, including in W.W.2, in the Air Force.  We have always supported the Legion when possible.


I am 69 so you are right it will be a challenge for me but nothing compared to the challenges our service men and women face everyday.


Today's news (7th March 2012) from Afghanistan brings home to us all how much the members of the armed forces give. Day after day, as in the past, our forces still put their lives on the line and I feel compelled to do something to try and raise some funds to help in some small way the great work that the Royal British Legion does.


I picked up cycling again just over 4 years ago, when I retired. Following a recent double hip transplant I decided that cycling would be a way to exercise.



The Fundraising page is available from - 

The approximate stop off locations are plotted on the Google map.

The Coxwold stop over was a rest a couple of days.


Coxwold Start


First leg from Coxwold to Lands End

End of a leg

End of a leg

Second Leg

Second leg back to Coxwold

third leg

Third leg up to John O'Groats

fourth Leg

Final Leg back to Coxwold

Full Google Map link is:

Google Map