2000 Babe Bee (Estes) Junk

Extremely used year 2000 #350 Babe Bee
Displacement: .049 CI .819 CC
Weight: 1.75 Oz

I have completely overhauled this engine! Replaced the worn out piston, replaced all the gaskets, replaced the reed valve with a nice mylar one, tightened the drive plate to remove some play between the crankcase (someone must have used an electric starter) and I have gave it a full cleaning! I just went out to start it and with a few flips of the prop it started up! Peaked at 11260 RPMs! It is around the correct amount of RPMs, I usually get around 13000 RPMs with my other Estes Babe Bee, but what this engine was reaching before is no match for what it is reaching now!

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