The Lost Emeralds of Oz

Where are those Emeralds?

Excerpts from a review by Stephen J. Teller in "The Baum Bugle" Winter 1995

How did the Cowardly Lion and the Hungry Tiger get to Ozma's court? When was the Truth Pond first used? What is the background of the silver whistle that summons Opoduck? How did Ozma acquire the Magic Picture? Why did Ozma issue such strict laws against the use of magic? These are only a few of the Ozian mysteries that are answered in Fred Otto's The Lost Emeralds of Oz in the course of answering the central questions: "What happened to the emeralds that decorated the original Emerald City?" and "When and why did visitors to the Emerald City stop wearing green glasses?"

Fred Otto's book is a story within a story, told by the Wogglebug on a rainy Oz afternoon. The inner story takes place in the gap between The Marvelous Land of Oz and Ozma of Oz, and concerns the adventures of a new queen Ozma as she explores her domain. She encounters an enigmatic orange area between the Quadling and Winkie Countries controlled by a syndicate of sorcerers whose power is such that their activities are not chronicled in Glinda's Great Book of Records. Indeed, their magic is so great that even Ozma is powerless against it, and it is the Sawhorse alone who can save the situation. The story is quite exciting and well told, containing some amusing humor among the sometimes dark happenings. All Fred Otto's friends and anyone who wants to learn of the events of Ozma's early reign will want to add this work to their collections.


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