The Fairy Circle in Oz

Love Fairy

Front cover for The Fairy Circle in Oz

Review by Kieran F. Miller

This book relates the further adventures of Wooglet from Wooglet in Oz. After finding herself transported back to Oz, she meets up with Ozma. The lovely girl ruler tells Wooglet that her help is needed by the Love Fairy, who was introduced in L. Frank Baum's A Short, Short Oz Story. An evil energy is causing her powers to disappear. Worse yet, the magical tools of Oz are useless in this crisis. So Wooglet and Jellia Jamb join the Love Fairy on a quest to stop the energy. Egor, the hairy black monster from The Fantastic Funhouse of Oz, joins in, too. The story is one of the best written and most beautifully illustrated I've seen in a long time. The storyline is exciting and well paced. The humor is clever and inventive. The illustrations are lovely and realistic, having been drawn from live models. This book is a perfect ten.


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