The Disenchanted Princess of Oz

Front cover for The Disenchanted Princess of Oz

Excerpts from a review by Phyllis Ann Karr in "The Baum Bugle" Spring 1996

It became obvious some years ago that Melody Grandy the artist is one of the best illustrators Oztory has ever had. Now it turns out that Melody Grandy the writer is very nearly the artist's equal.

 At the heart of the book stand the Flying Sorcerer Zim and the boy Dinny. While Dinny's actual identity and the full explanation of what happens in Book One's opening chapter may not be spelled out, enough clues abound both in text and pictures to make it pretty obvious to Ozophiles that an old favorite has been returned to us in an ingenius and Ozological way. Zim is a complete original, and, while his past history remains mysterious, I hazard the guess that many readers will develop a stronger hankering to visit Zim's hidden arboretum than the Emerald palace itself.

 It is clear that Melody has explored Oz with thoughtful love until she knows it as well as her own front yard, and can approach both its wonders and its problems with all the practicality of a native Ozite.

I would call this book a must for even the most selective Oz collection. The Withy Girl makes it a must for comprehensive Barrie/Peter Pan collectors as well, and it would also make a fine addition to any general collection including fantasy and modern fairy tale.


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