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These books can all be ordered via Oz’s newest and greatest publishing company, Tails of the Cowardly Lion and Friends. We are entirely non-profit. Funds for future books depend upon our selling the existing inventory. Unless otherwise noted, these books do not feature interior color. The descriptions of length refer to word count, not page count.

BEOO20.) Wooglet in Oz by Hugh Pendexter III. Illustrated by David T. St. Albans. $10.00
Drama. Average length.
The classic by the artist who brought us Bungle and the Magic Lantern of Oz (Buckethead Enterprises of Oz #34). Anyone who has read L. Frank Baum’s The Marvelous Land of Oz and The Patchwork Girl of Oz may wonder if the Crooked Magicians Dr. Nikidik and Dr. Pipt are the same person. Well, this is the book that answers that question. Wooglet, a little girl from New Mexico, meets mermaids and finds her way into Oz! Stunningly beautiful artwork. More Information

BEOO27.) The Dinamonster of Oz by Kenneth Gage Baum. Illustrated by Dorothy Baum-Morena.
Adventure. Longer than average.
Dorothy, the Tin Woodman, the Cowardly Lion, and the Wizard are on a quest to rescue the Metachron, the device on which all time in Oz depends. But along the way they are captured by the Dinamonster, a giant robotic creature built by the evil Nome King. Baum written. Baum illustrated. Baum introduction. Baum book. Temporarily out of stock.

BEOO30.) Dagmar in Oz by Chris Dulabone. Illustrated by Charlene Greski. $6.00
Comedy with some serious elements. Short.
The Queen of the Scoodlers, first introduced in L. Frank Baum’s The Road to Oz, is back for revenge! And with the aid of a mind-controlling formula, this latest scheme to take over Oz just might work. More Information

BEOO31.) The Flying Bus in Oz by Ruth Morris. Illustrated by Corinne Morris. Color cover by Melody Grandy. $10.00
Adventure/Comedy. Longer than average.
Suppose a Canadian schoolbus were to fly to Oz. Suppose you were in it at the time. This is only the beginning of a wild and wonderful adventure of a lifetime! A (literal!) living doll and a group of charming frogs join in the fun, too.
More Information

BEOO33.) The Emerald Ring of Oz by Jeremy Steadman. Illustrated by Chris Dulabone. $10.00
Adventure. Longer than average.
A lost little boy, swashbuckling pirates, magical treasures, and Oz! See also Time in Oz, #31 from Tails of the Cowardly Lion and Friends. More Information

BEOO34.) Bungle and the Magic Lantern of Oz by Greg Gick. Illustrated by David T. St. Albans. $10.00
Comedy/Satire/Adventure. Short.
A penguin made of macaroni, a sinister three-headed monster, an evil genie trapped in a magic lantern, and the greedy Boarceror, who seeks to release him. The first and finest published Oz book to feature Bungle the Glass Cat as its title character! More Information

BEOO35.) The Magic Tapestry of Oz by Marcus Mebes and Chris Dulabone. Also illustrated by Marcus and Chris. $8.00
Comedy/Satire/Adventure. Short.
A marvelous Time Machine carries Toto and a number of our other Oz friends back to learn the origins of the Wicked Witches of the East and West, as well as Glinda the Good herself! More Information

BEOO37.) The Seven Blue Mountains of Oz Volume I: The Disenchanted Princess of Oz by Melody Grandy. Illustrated by the author. $25.00
Adventure/Drama. Enormously long.
Dinny, a boy with a mysterious identity, meets an equally mysterious sorcerer named Zim Greenleaf. Our most ambitious project to date! This first volume alone is 300 pages and sports a full-color cover! A MUST for any serious Oz reader. Zim Greenleaf lives on in Bucketheads in Oz, which is coming soon. We hope. Already available is the closely-related Thorns and Private Files in Oz, SBM2: Tippetarius in Oz, and SBM3: Zim Greenleaf of Oz from Tails of the Cowardly Lion and Friends.
More Information

BEOO39.) Cory in Oz by Allison McBain. Illustrated by Allison McBain. $10.00
Adventure/Drama. Average length.
A sinister Nome King has cast a terrible spell over two good witches of Oz. Now young Cory is discovering that she’s not quite like other people. What is that makes her different? And what can be done about this Nome?
More Information

BEOO40.) The Lunechien Forest of Oz by Chris Dulabone. Illustrated by Mark Woody. $10.00
Drama/Adventure. Short to average length.
Even if you can’t pronounce the title, you’ll love this full-length Ozzy sequel to L. Frank Baum’s Animal Fairy Tales. Elephants, lions, tigers, and bears who are sure to steal your heart! More Information

BEOO41.) The Case of the Framed Fairy of Oz by Gil S. Joel. $5.00
Mystery. Short.
Why is there a Perry Mason book on an Oz list? Fans of Erly Stanley Gardner’s fine mystery series will find much to enjoy in this uniquely humorous volume of Ozzy lore. More Information

BEOO42.) Kaliko in Oz by K. Kline. Illustrated by Michael Goldmann. $10.00
Comedy/Adventure. Short to average length.
The beautiful full-color cover is worth the cost of the book alone. But this volume also contains a magical tale of Nomes and a gigantic egg who wants to give the title character a great big hug! More Information

BEOO43.) The Marvelous Monkeys of Oz by Chris Dulabone. Illustrated by Paul McGrory. $10.00
Action/Adventure/Comedy. Average length.
The first volume in a new Oz trilogy about those long-ignored flying monkeys. It sports a full-color cover, as well as several interior drawings that show us a unique perspective on how Oz looks to a winged monkey.
BEOO45.) Red Reera the Yookoohoo and the Enchanted Easter Eggs of Oz by Richard G. Quinn.
Illustrated by Marcus Mebes. $10.00
Drama/Romance. Short.
This little volume of Ozian history features Reera the Red from L. Frank Baum’s Glinda of Oz, as well as the Easter Bunny from Eloise Jarvis McGraw’s Merry Go Round in Oz. You will want to read this one all year long, not just at Easter.
More Information

BEOO47.) The Healing Power of Oz by Gil S. Joel. Illustrated by Marcus Mebes. $12.00
Drama/Adventure/Romance. Short to average length.
This isn’t the self-help book one may assume from its title. It is a story about the Nome King’s latest threat to Oz. The magnificent illustrations are among the best we’ve ever seen. More Information

BEOO48.) The Lost Emeralds of Oz by Frederick E. Otto. Illustrated by Derek Sullivan. $10.00
Drama/Adventure/Comedy. Average length.
An explanation as to why Dorothy and her friends needed those green glasses in order to see the Emerald City as green, despite the fact that there were once real emeralds there! A genuine answer to this age-old Oz mystery. This veteran contributer to Oziana and the creator of the famous (or infamous, depending on your point of view) Oziads offers us a magical full-length novel, which has been illustrated in a particularly appropriate style.
More Information

BEOO49.) The Haunted Castle of Oz by Marcus Mebes. Illustrated by the author. $10.00
Drama. Short.
A ghost is wandering through Ozma’s palace! Dorothy, Betsy, Trot, and Button-Bright seek to help the spirit. This is a well-written and profusely illustrated tome that will not give you nightmares in spite of that rather frightening title.
More Information

BEOO50.) The Fantastic Funhouse of Oz by Chris Dulabone. Illustrated by the author. $12.00
Comedy/Adventure. Longer than average.
The Wicked Witch of the West has learned that a certain carnival-style funhouse designer has just put together a funhouse based on L. Frank Baum’s The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. She isn’t very happy about it, either! So she replaces the electronic image of herself and takes vengeance upon the children. Humor, excitement, and old-fashioned fun abound in this hefty new volume of Oz history! More Information

BEOO51.) Fwiirp in Oz by Nate Barlow, Jeff Barstock, Ryan Gannaway, Greg Hunter, Phyllis Ann Karr, R. K. Lionel, Marcus Mebes, Hugh Pendexter III, and Chris Dulabone. Illustrated by Melody Grandy, Marcus Mebes, David T. St. Albans, and Chris Dulabone. $10.00.
Adventure/Anthology. Average to long length.
Remember Miss Cuttenclip from L. Frank Baum’s The Emerald City of Oz? Well, some of her magic paper has been blown to America by a mischievous UpsAndDownsWind. A would-be Oz author finds the paper, and whatever he writes on it comes true! The colorful cover is sure to grab your attention. More Information

BEOO52.) The Tin Castle of Oz by Peter Schulenburg. Illustrated by the author. $12.00.
Adventure. Short to average length.
The Tin Woodman does have a remarkable home, doesn’t he? But how was it built? Who designed it? The Tin Woodman himself, with a little help from Mr. Schulenburg, narrates this charming book. It also includes a Yellow Brick layer, some amiable caterpillars, and several of our favorite Ozian companions! Incredibly beautiful and Ozzy color cover!
More Information

BEOO53.) Pegasus in Oz by Annie Brzozowski. Illustrated by Steve Burt. $10.00.
Adventure. Short.
Could the legendary flying horses of Greek mythology really exist? How about a tremendous dragon who likes to party? These are but a couple of the wonderful new friends that Don Mullinquy, a young orphan from Wyoming, encounters in this action-packed new Oz novel. Tik-Tok, the Patchwork Girl, and a host of other beloved Oz celebrities are here, too. But watch out! There is an evil Cyclops who is looking for his next meal, and he is eyeing Don in a most hungry manner! More Information

BEOO54.) A Queer Quest for Oz by Chris Dulabone. Illustrated by Mark Woody. $12.00.
Silly Comedy/Adventure. Short.
A sequel to Ruth Plumly Thompson’s popular Captain Salt in Oz, in which a nefarious Necromancer has kidnapped a little girl and come up with a plan that he thinks will get him into Oz. Meanwhile, Samuel Salt and Ato are roped into playing a bizarre game of Snakes and Ladders that will leave you howling. More Information

BEOO55.) A Silver Elf in Oz by Marin Elizabeth Xiques and Chris Dulabone. Illustrated by Marcus Mebes. $12.00
Adventure/Drama/Comedy. Longer than average.
One of Mebes’ finest Oz items. When Faith and Gideon set out on a journey to the North Pole to ask the legendary Santa Claus to save their city, they are in for a series of wild and wonderful adventures sure to keep you turning the pages! But this is not just a holiday story. It can be read and enjoyed in any season. More Information

BEOO56.) The Fairy Circle in Oz by Chris Dulabone. Illustrated by Marcus Mebes. $12.00
Adventure/Drama/Silly Comedy. Longer than average.
A charming sequel to Wooglet in Oz. (Buckethead Enterprises of list #20). In this story, young Wooglet meets the hauntingly beautiful Love Fairy, who was first introduced in L. Frank Baum’s popular A Short Short Oz Story pamphlet. It seems that the Love-ly Fairy’s powers are diminishing and that it is up to Wooglet and Jellia Jamb to restore her magic, as well as the entire Land of Oz and beyond! More Information

BEOO57.) The Joust in Oz by Annie Brzozowski. Illustrated by Steve Burt. Cover by the author. $10.00
Adventure/Comedy. Short.
The long-awaited sequel to Pegasus in Oz (BEOO53) is finally here! The sinister Sir Plus challenges Sir Hokus to a joust due to an argument dating back to the days of King Arthur and his knights. Of course, everybody’s favorite winged horse is here, too! More Information

BEOO58.) The Shifting Sands of Oz by Marcus Mebes, Marin Elizabeth Xiques, Greg Hunter, Jeremy Steadman, and Chris Dulabone. Illustrated by Marc Berezin, Melody Grandy, Marcus Mebes, Marin Elizabeth Xiques, and Chris Dulabone. $12.00
Silly Comedy/Anthology. Short to average length.
A delightful way to pass the time while traveling across the Deadly Desert in search of Oooliphlop’s lost hair ribbon. Written in the story-within-a-story style of Chaucer’s classic The Canterbury Tales, but it is family-friendly, having no rude content.
Also Available: Limited edition parchment art print, hand-tinted by Marcus Mebes. $10.00
Or, take both the book and the parchment for $20.00. A bargain! More Information

BEOO59.) The Forest Monster of Oz by Bob Evans and Chris Dulabone. Illustrated by Dore Meers. $10.00
Adventure/Drama. Average length.
An explanation as to why Ozma’s age seems to change from book to book is given here. But that’s not the half of this thought-provoking story. Remember the big spider from L. Frank Baum’s immortal classic? Well, he’s back! And he wants revenge on a certain Cowardly Lion... More Information

BEOO60.) The Magic Ruby of Oz by Julia Inglis. Illustrated by Michael Patrick Murphy. $12.00
Adventure/Comedy. Average length.
Krinkle, a particularly wicked witch, and her partner, an evil sorcerer, have cruel plans that spell great destruction for Oz and all of our friends. But Dorothy, Betsy, and the Sawhorse, along with a host of new friends, are on the way to the rescue. The friendly trolls are sure to win your heart. Lavishly illustrated and with a full-color cover!
More Information

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