Tippetarius in Oz

Front cover for Tippetarius in Oz

Back cover for Tippetarius in Oz

Review by Diana Roberts

If beauty is a desired trait in an Oz book, this one takes first prize. Big, colorful, and beautifully illustrated by the author, Melody Grandy. Even the chapter titles are done with elegant stained-glass designed capitals. The cover, adorned with magnificent images of Ozma beside Tip (!), Glinda, the Sawhorse, the Glass Cat, and Melody Grandy’s own primary contribution to the Oz canon: Zim Greenleaf, the Flying Sorcerer of Oz.

There are numerous plotlines with some interesting characters. Aleda, who flies to Oz in a hang-glider and is subsequently “befriended” by Orlando, a giant who keeps her as a prisoner despite his good intentions; Celestia, a self-centered half-fairy who thinks she would make a better queen than Ozma; some princes who have mistaken Ozma for their sister; and, of course, Zim, who has come to the Emerald City seeking a license to practice magic. Zim’s early history is revealed, as well as a surprising secret.


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