The Tired Tailor of Oz

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The Red Jinn of Ev!
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Review by Margaret Berg in "The Baum Bugle" Spring 2005

In The Tired Tailor of Oz, Lin Carter follows a plotline similar to Glinda of Oz wherein the known Emerald City residents go on a short trip with a bottle of wishing pills in order to take a present to the King of Ev. Meanwhile, Ozma with her Magic Belt goes on a diplomatic mission to the Nonestic Ocean, leaving the Wizard, Tik-Tok and the Scarecrow to mind the palace and watch the Magic Picture. Adventures ensue.

Lin Carter knows his Oz and drops many a famous Ozian name in just the first few chapters. But there are plenty of other exciting encounters as well: the Silver Flying Horse Skyhi and the flying city of Ev, Sky City (reminiscent of Sky Island), where all the inhabitants have wings and the buildings are crystal, are just some of his delightful new creations (and which give plenty of opportunity for the author to play with "sky" words). The birthday party for the King of Ev gives yet another opportunity for the author to display his knowledge of Oz, as guests from far and wide bring their gifts.

The late author wrote over 50 fantasy/sci-fi novels and numerous short stories in his time. He may be best remembered for his enthusiastic and erudite introductions to Ballentine's memorable adult fantasy series that ran in the 1970's, as well as his contributions to Robert E. Howard's Kull and Conan legacies.


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