The Bouncy Bunnies in Oz

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The Thists, those diamond-headed thistle-eaters first introduced in L. Frank Baum’s The Lost Princess of Oz, are having adventures with three adorable young rabbits!

Review by Suzanna E. Henshon in "The Baum Bugle" Winter 2008

Is it possible to write another sequel to The Wizard of Oz? Many writers would find this a daunting task, but Marin Xiques's The Bouncy Bunnies of Oz takes off with a hop, seamlessly taking readers back to the Oz landscapre created over 100 years ago by L. Frank Baum.
Thora Sunnydee, the Thist, is sent by Queen Ozma to visit a farm in 2001, Thora's first trip out of Thi. She quickly meets three bunnies (Amanda, Risa, and Jodie) who have been adopted by Thornton Etchasketch, a fellow Thist who lives on a nearby farm. When Thornton catches the falling Thora, he shatters his stomach, causing gold dust to enter his lungs and thus prompting a trip to the local doctor. Thora begins to realize that caring for three little rabbits is difficult for a single parent like Thornton. Thora and Thornton spend time getting to know each other, and the little rabbit Jodie hopes Thora will become her new mother. Jodie becomes upset, however, when she learns that her father is not planning on remarrying, and she runs out into the starlit night. Thornton begins searching for his daughter, and Thora goes along to keep him company, leaving the Cowardly Lion to babysit the other bunnies.
Meanwhile, Jodie meets up with the Tin Woodman and the Scarecrow. She is excited to meet characters from her favorite story and has long hoped to meet Dorothy. While traveling with Thornton, Thora realizes what a loving father he is, and she begins to appreciate his positive qualities. Thora and Thornton become close friends and begin to fall in love while Jodie arrives at the Tin Woodman's castle with a determination to explore every corner of it.
While searching, Thora and Thornton fall into a bottomless pit, and can't figure out how to climb out until they find themselves in a cotton candy cloud. Meanwhile, Jodie's sisters worry they'll never see her again.
The Bouncy Bunnies in Oz is a fun trip back to L. Frank Baum Oz. Young readers will enjoy a return visit with classic characters, while meeting a new protagonist, Thora Sunnydee.
--Suzanna E. Henshon
The Baum Bugle
Volume 52
Number 3
Winter 2008

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